Launch’s 21 for 21 is an info-packed virtual experience created to educate and inspire Launch partner district leaders & liaisons. You’ll learn best practices, hear inspiring stories and gain key knowledge—all from Launch leaders and partner district speakers—and all in 120 minutes or less.

Watch the webinar!

Follow Up Notes & Materials:

  1. Launch’s 21 for 21 Presentation. This master presentation includes all speaker slides & key takeaways, plus links to student profile videos.
  2. Launch’s 21 for 21 Presenter Contact Information. If you have additional questions for any panelist, they are happy to help! You can find their email address next to their name, title & session topic in this linked in speaker lineup.
  3. Launch’s 21 for 21 Resource Folder. Multiple presenters are sharing resources and examples of tools they utilize to support online learners in their districts (for example: the MOCAP Legislation document/Francis Howell & the virtual student tracking sheet/Southern Boone Co.) We have created a resource folder to share these resources.* In addition, we are sharing multiple Launch resources here (such as our Spring Virtual Open House Presentation).