Launch offers HiSET Help

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Breaking News

Launch’s new HiSET Prep course helps students statewide prepare for the HiSET Exam.
As Launch grows, it’s important to us that we provide all students opportunities. Enter our newest prep course. “Launch offers a HiSET Prep course through Essential Education,” says Launch Instructor Darrin Ankrom. The HiSET exam is a component of the Missouri Option Program, which also requires students to complete Health, Personal Finance and Government credits and additional components (required by DESE) in order to earn a diploma.
Launch is able to provide districts with both the course work components required by the Missouri Option Program as well as HiSET exam prep. “Launch monitors students and provides progress reports to partner districts,” says Director Dr. Nichole Lemmon.
Launch’s HiSET Prep course is personalized, so every student’s learning path looks different. “Students take practice tests in each subject, and this reflects what they need to work on the most,” Ankrom says. “The entire program is also self paced, which is a huge benefit.” The program is already proving to be successful. “I’ve had several students who came into the program with low scores, and after working through the HiSET Prep course, they were able to pass the official HiSET exam,” Ankrom says.