Meet & Greet with Maggi

What do Launch students think of our online courses? Branson High School junior Maggi Eighmy dishes on her experience with Launch’s online classes.

Access Launch: What Launch classes have you taken?
Maggi Eighmy: I took personal finance, ACT Prep and Psychology of the Holocaust last semester—Fall 2017.

Access: Great! What did you think of taking those classes online?
M.E.: Having online classes allowed me to get ahead and get additional credits under my belt, so that’s really awesome. Also, I learned that one of the classes I took, Psychology of the Holocaust, we don’t have here anymore, so it’s really neat that I could still take it online. An advantage of getting to take all of these classes online is that I could do them within my own time. So, let’s say I had a tennis match at the end of the day or I left school early to go to Ozark for a tennis match—I could do my work when I got home or when I had time and was not stressing about something else. I felt more like a college student.

Access: What was the student-teacher interaction like in your Launch classes?
M.E.: The teachers are pretty easy to talk to, and you can interact with them. I felt that even though I couldn’t always directly talk to them all the time, like you can’t talk to them the way you can talk to them in school, they were all still very involved with us and very engaged with us. They’d have online conferences, and they were all nice.

Access: What would you say to another student who was considering taking a Launch course?
M.E.: I had a girl in my bible study who was thinking about being in one class here at school and then doing the rest online, and I really encourage it. If you’re struggling, or you want to do part time at a college or something—it’s really a great program, and you can fit it into your day however you need to. And I did learn a ton through my courses, especially ACT prep. They did a lot of online tests, and I watched my ACT score go from like a 24 to a 28.

Access: That’s great news! Is there anything else you want to share about Launch?
M.E.: Just that I would encourage it. It’s a really good program, and I think that it helped me grow as a person, too. Also, it just prepares you for the future. Some classes in college—my sister struggled with this—some of her classes are online, and she didn’t know how to work the system or anything. So it helps with that. Also, you have conference calls and stuff, so it helps with that as well—you still gain people skills and that kind of thing. It doesn’t limit that at all.

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