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Access Launch magazine tells the stories of Launch students, Launch teachers and Launch partner districts. Each issue contains in-depth student Q&As, teacher and partner district profiles and success stories, all from Missouri students and teachers working with Launch. The magazine is published three times per year and shared with Launch liaisons and administrators statewide.

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Puck, Pass, Class!

May 13, 2020Student Q&A

Thanks to a full-time courseload with Launch, Northwest High School student Alac Gamble is spending his senior year playing hockey in the Windy City. Access Launch: How long have you been a Launch student? Alac Gamble: Last semester was ...

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Welcome to the Club

April 30, 2020Success Stories

Springfield Public Schools student, Alissa Schilling, was recently named Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year for Springfield and the state of Missouri. Learn how Launch courses have helped her make an impact on her community. Alissa Schi...

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