Anatomy of a Course: Creative Writing I

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Course Highlights


This course allows students to write about  topics of their choice and sharpen their writing skills along the way.

There are classes that require students to write research papers and cite sources—and then there’s Launch’s Creative Writing I. “One of my favorite things about this class is that it’s not full of essays or research,” says teacher Julie Johnson. Creative writing students get started by writing autobiographies and memoirs and later dabble with poetry—all while sharpening their writing skills. “The thing that I notice the most about students in this class is the confidence they gain,” says teacher Julie Johnson. “It’s so fun to watch them grow as writers.” 


The Rambling Autobiography

Students take one of their first stabs at creative writing with Unit 1’s rambling autobiography—an assignment for which students must write all they can about themselves in 5 minutes.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Unit 3 allows students to write many short stories, including one as a part of “Picture Flash Fiction.” For this, students pick any photo they’d like and write 1,000 words or less about it. “There are only a couple of rules,” Johnson says.  “It needs to have a conflict and follow a plot line, including a climax and a resolution for the conflict. No cliffhangers allowed in my class!”


What's in a Name?

This assignment requires students to learn how their parents came up with their name, then discuss how it fits their personality. They also share nicknames and other fun anecdotes along the way.

Memories Engraved

Students take a stab at first-person writing as they tell an experiential tale on a memory of their choice. Johnson says that deciding on a topic often takes brainstorming, but the results are always rewarding and a perfect way for the teacher to learn more about the student. 


Course Facts

Course Type: English Language Arts
Credits: Half (0.5) credit course
Estimated Completion Time: 1 Semester/9-18 weeks

Course Topics:
Unit 1: Toolbox
Unit 2: Writing a Memoir
Unit 3: Short Stories
Unit 4: Poetry

Wait, there's more! Launch also offers a Creative Writing II course in which students write about an adventure of choice and script an entire play!