Behind the Scenes with Project Coordinator Been Cook

We joined Student Information System Coordinator Jessica Johnson for a day of publishing grades, placing students and continually remastering the master schedule.
By Savannah Waszczuk

7:15 a.m.: Although the work day officially starts at 7:30 a.m, Ben is already at his desk and in the zone by 7:15. “I like getting here early,” he says. “I feel that I focus really well in the mornings.” 

9:32 a.m.: Ben spends a few minutes prepping for an upcoming IT team meeting. “I’m the Scrum Facilitator for Launch IT,” says Ben, who is also Launch’s Project Coordinator. “Basically, a ‘Scrum Facilitator’ helps keep the team on track and helps move projects forward by using the Scrum framework, which is part of the Agile project management methodology. By facilitating meetings and helping with communication for our programmers, they have more time to actually program.” 

11:48 a.m.: ”Okay, thank you, have a great day as well,” Ben says as he hangs up the phone. He just spoke with an individual from Ladue School District about a shipment of Garmin heartrate monitors. “One of my first tasks as project coordinator was improving how we approach class supplies, including the process we use to track and ship Garmins,” Ben says. “This summer is our first summer of utilizing some of our new processes. It’s going well!” 

12:27 p.m.: Lunch time! But Ben isn’t eating. “When it’s nice out, I try to take a walk to break up the day,” he says. “I’ve found that it’s a good way to reset and come back with a fresh mind.”

1:23 p.m.: Next Ben prepares for a meeting with Launch’s Marketing & Engagement manager, Savannah Waszczuk. “Savannah and I meet weekly to review her team’s boards,” Ben says. “Launch utilizes as our project management software. Essentially, it helps us organize our projects, relative project information and due dates. Our meeting helps keep Savannah’s team organized, and it also allows me to update our Launch initiatives boards with the Marketing & Engagement team’s project updates.” 

2:42 p.m.: Break time! Ben steps away from his desk and chats with Adam Shawley, Launch’s Support Desk supervisor. “I started out as a member of the Launch support staff,” Ben says. “I have to take a break and chat with my old team every once in a while!” 

3:47 p.m.: Next up, Ben starts his final task for the day—he’s reviewing notes from the earlier IT meeting. “By having me there to take notes, we let the experts be experts and focus on their subject matter,” Ben says. “They can stay more engaged in conversation.”