Behind the Scenes with Student Information System Coordinator Jessica Johnson

We joined Student Information System Coordinator Jessica Johnson for a day of publishing grades, placing students and continually remastering the master schedule.
By Savannah Waszczuk

7:39 a.m.: Launch SIS Coordinator Jessica Johnson turns her chair away from her desk and takes a quick break from responding to emails. It’s time for “Positive Morning Minute,” a daily discussion her team has at the start of every day. During the chat, each team member shares something they’re happy or excited about. “My youngest is finally potty trained!,” Jessica says. She’s referring to her 3-year-old son, Carter. 

9:12 a.m.: “We just filled another section!” Jessica says, pointing at her computer screen. Jessica is chatting with Helen Williams, Launch’s assistant principal who oversees elementary school. The two are placing students who were recently enrolled in the fall 2021 semester. As SIS Coordinator, one of Jessica’s main responsibilities is building and maintaining the master schedule. “Monitoring the master schedule plays a big part in ensuring student and teacher placements,” Jessica says.

11:52 a.m.: Lunch time! Jessica grabs a couple of work pals and heads out to order one of her favorite meals—a Spicy Chicken Deluxe sandwich and waffle fries. “It’s Chick-fil-A Wednesday!” she says. 

1:03 p.m.: After answering a few emails, Jessica begins auditing student demographics. “I make sure MOSIS ID numbers match our previous records and compare each birthday, first and last name and guardian,” she says.

2:51 p.m.: Jessica stands up at her desk and shares an exciting announcement. “All grades are published for partners!,” she says. Jessica leads the team that publishes grades at the end of every quarter, and they just finished publishing final grades for the June summer session. “If you receive a call from a partner who needs help accessing their grades, the enrollment team can help!” 

3 p.m.: Jessica meets with the secretary team for their daily check in. “We discuss pending enrollments, review the enroll email inbox and talk about any common questions we’re getting,” Jessica says. “Today I’m also going to talk with Raegan about our drop process.” Another part of Jessica’s role is dropping students who are inactive or not participating after Launch’s 20-day window closes.

4:17 p.m.: After Jessica finishes checking her email, she shuts her computer down for the day. Next she’s going to exercise, then she’ll head home to her husband and two sons. “I try to fit in a workout right after work,” Jessica says. “It’s time for some rock climbing, then another night with the boys!”