Meeting Non-Traditional Needs

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The administrative team at Marshfield High School values Launch courses for a variety of reasons, including the way they can help non-traditional students. A little more than a year ago, Marshfield High School student Katelynn Creson walked into her counselor’s … Read More

Launch Your Dream

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Central High School student Evan Parker earned his International Baccalaureate Diploma and is headed to Yale this fall, and he did it all with the help of Launch. Evan Parker is a bright kid with an even brighter future—after he … Read More

Navigating Senate Bill 603

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Navigating Senate Bill 603

What do Missouri’s modified virtual education provisions mean for your school district? We break down SB 603 and explain how Launch offers a solution to the new legislation. “We are purpose driven. We are not profit driven.” As Springfield Public … Read More

A Second Chance

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Life stacked all odds against Hillcrest High School student Becca Lewis, but she didn’t give up. After a rocky, unattainable start to her senior year, Becca began taking Launch online classes and was able to earn her high school diploma. … Read More

Log In, Work Out

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Launch’s Physical Fitness class is helping hundreds of Missouri students earn their physical education credits online. Any time we share our Launch course catalog with someone new, one question seems to pop up more than anything else: “Students can take … Read More

Launching New Rates

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Thanks to statewide growth, Launch is reducing per-course tuition by 15 percent. In the fall of 2017, Launch began offering online courses to students across Missouri. We started with 19 committed partners and 48 courses. Fast forward to summer 2018, … Read More

Going the Distance

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 Hillcrest High School student Sophya Batista takes Launch classes online to make time for the other most important thing in her life: boxing. Driven. That’s the one word that best sums up Sophya Batista, a student at Springfield’s Hillcrest … Read More