Chatting With Morgan

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Student Q&A

Chatting With Morgan What do students think of Launch’s online classes? We sat down with Morgan Burkitt, a senior at Forsyth High School, for a Q&A session about Launch, online learning  and other teen-friendly topics.  Access Launch: What class have … Read More

Taking Science Statewide

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Taking Science Statewide Megan Walcher combines her love of science and passion for teaching to instruct Launch’s Earth Science, Astronomy and AP Physics courses. “My dad was in the military. I grew up in California, but then my dad actually broke … Read More

Why We Launch: Chillicothe

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Administrators in Chillicothe weren’t looking for an online learning platform—they were looking for an online learning system. Launch was the perfect solution. Dr. Jill Watkins, assistant principal at Chillicothe R-II School District, knew what her district needed while she was … Read More

Why I Launch: Dixon Reid

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Dixon Reid, an advanced eighth grade student at Cassville Middle School, was able to take Geometry with Launch from the convenience of his Cassville Middle School campus. SUBMITTED BY MINDI ARTHERTON After completing advanced math coursework, teachers at Cassville Middle … Read More

Expanding Opportunities

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Administrators in the Republic School District aim to give their students as many opportunities as possible—that’s why they made Launch courses available to all high school students.  At Republic High School, College and Career Counselor Brittany Bowser shares the story … Read More

A Balancing Act

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During her summer break, Republic High School freshman Kloey Monthei was both a star and a student—the national-level pageant princess earned her PE I credit with Launch. Kloey Monthei has been competing in pageants since age 6. “I started out … Read More

Rockwood’s 21,000+ Reasons

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While it’s home to some of the largest schools in St. Louis and among the largest systems in the state, the Rockwood School District works to meet the individualized needs of each of its 20,000+ learners. Last summer, the district … Read More

Why We Launch: Brentwood

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While many of the public and private schools in St. Louis are among the largest in the state, Brentwood is small but mighty—it has less than 1,000 students K-12. How does it compete? “We hoped the addition of Launch would … Read More

Inside Bain’s Brain

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Gina Bain, a junior at Albany High School, says Launch provides her with course access she otherwise wouldn’t have. High school juniors often enroll in classes like chemistry and astronomy to fulfill their yearly schedule’s science credit. Gina Bain, a … Read More