Launching Our Quality

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Launch’s Personal Finance course received a nationally recognized Quality Matters Certification Mark for meeting course design standards in an Official Quality Matters peer review. At Launch, Quality Assurance Specialist Dr. Meghan Roe and Senior Digital Developer Linda Ayres work with … Read More

Launch Teacher Q&A: Paige Duda

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Meet Paige Duda, Launch’s Earth Science teacher who also teaches full-time at Springfield Catholic High School.  Launch: Where do you teach full time? Springfield Catholic High School Launch: What do you teach full time? AP Biology, and I’m also an … Read More

Launch teacher profile: Bethany Laws

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Launch Business Teacher Bethany Laws values the time she spends working one-on-one with students.  Spending more than six years in post-secondary education helped Bethany Laws discover her true passion: spending one-to-one time with students. “I was an academic advisor and … Read More

Launch Teacher Profile: Matt Burke

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Matt Burke, who teaches for Launch and works as a Graduation Advisor, shares his passion for connecting with students. After graduating from Southwest Baptist University, Matt Burke moved from a quiet corner of southwest Missouri to the hustling, bustling borough … Read More

Chatting With Morgan

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Chatting With Morgan What do students think of Launch’s online classes? We sat down with Morgan Burkitt, a senior at Forsyth High School, for a Q&A session about Launch, online learning  and other teen-friendly topics.  Access Launch: What class have … Read More

Taking Science Statewide

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Taking Science Statewide Megan Walcher combines her love of science and passion for teaching to instruct Launch’s Earth Science, Astronomy and AP Physics courses. “My dad was in the military. I grew up in California, but then my dad actually broke … Read More