Rockwood’s 21,000+ Reasons

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While it’s home to some of the largest schools in St. Louis and among the largest systems in the state, the Rockwood School District works to meet the individualized needs of each of its 20,000+ learners. Last summer, the district … Read More

Why We Launch: Brentwood

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While many of the public and private schools in St. Louis are among the largest in the state, Brentwood is small but mighty—it has less than 1,000 students K-12. How does it compete? “We hoped the addition of Launch would … Read More

Inside Bain’s Brain

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Gina Bain, a junior at Albany High School, says Launch provides her with course access she otherwise wouldn’t have. High school juniors often enroll in classes like chemistry and astronomy to fulfill their yearly schedule’s science credit. Gina Bain, a … Read More

Access for All: Albany

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No Missouri student’s learning should be limited by zip code—Launch provides online course access to thousands of students in dozens of small school districts sprinkled throughout the state. Learn how it works in Albany, which has more than 60 of … Read More

Defying the Odds

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Rosalind Johnson’s world was turned upside down when she learned her mother had cancer, and her school work suffered. Thanks to Launch and a partnership with Missouri Options, Rosalind was able to graduate. Rosalind Johnson was always the happy kid … Read More

Credit Recovery Solutions South Nodaway

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Thanks to a partnership with Launch, South Nodaway High School students are able to makeup credits with the help of caring and considerate Missouri-certified teachers. High school students deserve high school teachers. In a seated classroom, you’d never imagine leaving … Read More

Expanding Course Offerings: Aurora

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Thanks to Launch, Aurora High School students have the opportunity to take a plethora of classes the school isn’t able to offer seated. Aurora Facts K-12 Enrollment: 2,016 High School Enrollment: 550 City Population: 7,100 School Colors: Red and Black … Read More

Rethinking Student Support: Camdenton

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Since Launch provides highly qualified, Missouri-certified teachers with all courses, leaders at Camdenton High School are able to reposition full-time staff to better serve students. Leaders at Camdenton High School understand the value of online learning. “We feel it’s very … Read More