Planning for Success at Chillicothe

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After utilizing Launch courses for one year, the administration team at Chillicothe R-II School District discusses their experience and shares tips for success. When it was time for the Chillicothe R-II School District to provide virtual course options to students, … Read More

The Wentzville Way

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The Wentzville School District began offering Launch courses to students in summer 2019. Read on to hear how the program played out in one of the state’s largest school districts. Summer school in the Wentzville School District looked a bit … Read More

Expanded World Languages

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Launch recently added German I and II, advanced French and advanced Spanish courses to its online course catalog. All courses are taught by certified world language teachers.   German I & II In German I, students will acquire an elementary … Read More

Behind the Scenes

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What’s it like to work for Launch? We joined Launch Digital Developer Nicki Dickson for a day of writing online courses. 7:20 a.m.:  While the Launch office doesn’t officially open until 7:30 a.m., Launch Digital Developer Nicki Dickson is already … Read More

An Alternate Route

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Josh Douglas, Launch’s full-time Social Studies teacher, shares how 18 years in alternative education prepared him to teach online. I’ve been teaching for Springfield Public Schools for 18 years. I went to Missouri State University and majored in History, and … Read More

Ticket to Ride

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Thanks to Launch’s online course offerings, Grain Valley High School junior Tyler Hagan is able to keep up on his school work as he competes in BMX races nationwide. Tyler Hagan discovered his passion for BMX riding at age 7. … Read More

Making Sense of Struggle

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After living in foster care and later being moved to a group home, Felicity Winfield lacked the determination she needed to finish high school. Thanks to positive encouragement and a few Launch courses, she got on the right track and … Read More

Partnering to Provide: Leading the Online Classroom

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Launch works with more than 100 highly qualified teachers statewide to provide our online students with the very best instruction and support. How do we teach thousands of virtual learners all over Missouri? By hiring hundreds of highly qualified teachers … Read More

Partnering to Provide: Inside HQ

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Each day, nearly two dozen employees report to the Launch headquarters to build and instruct virtual courses and provide support for partner district administrators, parents and students. Based in the administration building at Springfield Public Schools, the Launch headquarters is … Read More

Partnering to Provide: New, For You

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As Launch continues to create new partnerships with school districts statewide, we also add to our team and update roles and responsibilities to best support staff and students. Student Services