Dixon Learns With Launch

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In addition to his seated schedule at Cassville Middle School, advanced eighth grader Dixon Reid took Geometry online with Launch. Access Launch: How did you learn that you could take a Launch class online? Dixon Reid: We were trying to … Read More

Launching Our Quality

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With two official Quality Matters-certified reviewers on the team and two nationally recognized courses in our catalog, Launch is proud to build and offer courses that meet the design standards of Quality Matters. At Launch, we never really say we … Read More

Partnering to Provide: Statewide Expansion

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In summer 2019, Launch opened offices in St. Louis and Kansas City to better support area partner districts and students. While many for-profit companies aim to provide school districts with online courses, Launch strives for more. We don’t simply want … Read More

Why I Launch: Spike Kohlbecker

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By enrolling in Launch courses, Kirkwood High School student Spike Kohlbecker was able to follow his racing career overseas. When Kirkwood student Spike Kohlbecker was offered the opportunity to travel overseas to race in the New Zealand Formula Ford National … Read More

Nevertheless, She Persisted

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While Savannah Gibbs was presented with a series of challenges as she entered high school, she always found a way to carry on. Learn how Launch helped her find a path to earning her high school diploma, despite an unexpected … Read More

Engaging Middle School Learners

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An eighth grade student at Springfield Public Schools shares what it’s like to learn online while in middle school, and why she’s learning online again this summer. While many high schools statewide offer students virtual course access, another question is … Read More

Why We Launch: Seymour

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At Seymour High School, nearly 40 percent of students are enrolled in at least one Launch course. A designated learning lab provides these students a place to work, interact and take classes that are often not offered seated. Near the … Read More

Why We Launch: Neosho

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The Neosho School District believes its students deserve as many options as possible—by partnering with Launch, they are providing a tool to help all types of learners. When Neosho High School student Sarah Martinez sat down to plan her junior … Read More

Course Highlights: Driver Education

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In Launch’s Driver Education course, students ride or drive with an adult, then journal about their experiences.  STUDENTS LOG THEIR EXPERIENCES ABOUT THE FOLLOWING DRIVES: Drive 1: Parking lot. This drive focuses on the practice of stopping and starting smoothly … Read More