Launch teacher profile: Bethany Laws

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Launch Business Teacher Bethany Laws values the time she spends working one-on-one with students.  Spending more than six years in post-secondary education helped Bethany Laws discover her true passion: spending one-to-one time with students. “I was an academic advisor and … Read More

Launch Teacher Profile: Matt Burke

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Matt Burke, who teaches for Launch and works as a Graduation Advisor, shares his passion for connecting with students. After graduating from Southwest Baptist University, Matt Burke moved from a quiet corner of southwest Missouri to the hustling, bustling borough … Read More

Launch Teacher Profile: Megan Walcher

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Taking Science Statewide Megan Walcher combines her love of science and passion for teaching to instruct Launch’s Earth Science, Astronomy and AP Physics courses. “My dad was in the military. I grew up in California, but then my dad actually broke … Read More

Teacher Talk: Kazumi Holcomb

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Kazumi Holcomb, a native of Japan, shares the story behind developing and teaching Launch’s Japanese I and II courses. I was born in Japan. My hometown is called Yokohama, which is the second largest city. I went to college also … Read More

Why We Launch: Everton

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While the Everton School District is small in size, it aims to provide big opportunities for students—Launch helps by greatly expanding the high school’s course catalog.   Every August, Mr. Kip Spalding welcomes a group of Everton High School freshmen … Read More

Launch Expands AP/dual credit course offerings

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Launch’s new Advanced Placement (AP) Program/dual credit courses serve college-bound students seeking a more rigorous curriculum. Launch began offering multiple new courses with the start of the fall 2018 semester, including multiple AP/dual credit options. “We need these teachers to … Read More

Why We Launch: Marshfield

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The administrative team at Marshfield High School values Launch courses for a variety of reasons, including the way they can help non-traditional students. A little more than a year ago, Marshfield High School student Katelynn Creson walked into her counselor’s … Read More

Why I Launch: Evan Parker

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Central High School student Evan Parker earned his International Baccalaureate Diploma and is headed to Yale this fall, and he did it all with the help of Launch. Evan Parker is a bright kid with an even brighter future—after he … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Launch Staffer

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What’s it like to run a virtual school? Follow Launch’s Design and Support Specialist, Jared Chester, for a slice of life inside of our offices. Phone calls. Log in issues. Custom design work. Explaining how you can learn to drive … Read More