Launch Success Story: Ian Irven

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Thanks to Launch’s credit recovery courses and the Missouri Option Program, Central High School student Ian Irven was able to earn his high school diploma after missing an entire year of classes. Ian Irven never minded attending school when he … Read More

Launch Success Stories: Gina Bain

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Gina Bain, a junior at Albany High School, says Launch provides her with course access she otherwise wouldn’t have. High school juniors often enroll in classes like chemistry and astronomy to fulfill their yearly schedule’s science credit. Gina Bain, a … Read More

Launch Success Stories: Rosalind Johnson

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Rosalind Johnson’s world was turned upside down when she learned her mother had cancer, and her school work suffered. Thanks to Launch and a partnership with Missouri Options, Rosalind was able to graduate. Rosalind Johnson was always the happy kid … Read More

Launch Success Stories: Becca Lewis

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Life stacked all odds against Hillcrest High School student Becca Lewis, but she didn’t give up. After a rocky, unattainable start to her senior year, Becca began taking Launch online classes and was able to earn her high school diploma. … Read More

Going the Distance

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 Hillcrest High School student Sophya Batista takes Launch classes online to make time for the other most important thing in her life: boxing. Driven. That’s the one word that best sums up Sophya Batista, a student at Springfield’s Hillcrest … Read More