Course Highlights: Physical Education

Caitlin SeilerCourse Highlights


Summer is here, and perhaps we’ve never needed sunshine, warm weather and the ability to get outside more than we do right now! For a lot of us, more time spent outside means more physical activity—whether it’s walking the dog, riding bikes, going for a swim or even training for fall sports. Now, what if we told you that all of this activity could take the place of your required PE class next year?

By taking PE online with Launch this summer, you’ll earn credit for the physical activity that you most enjoy, or even for the activity that you’re already doing! Launch provides you with a fitness tracker to log your workouts on a weekly basis. As part of your daily coursework, you will test your fitness knowledge, learn about healthy living, and even complete a unit on dance in rhythm. Now, even learning that dance on TikTok could get you one step closer to a passing grade! By the end of the 4-week course, you’ll be able see how much your fitness level has improved, and you’ll have completed all the requirements for earning your PE credit.
So, what are you waiting for? Get out, get moving and make this summer count with Launch.

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