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Hundreds of Classes; Three Delivery Methods

Launch helps students of all learning levels by offering honors and advanced placement courses, an expansive selection of core credit and elective courses and dozens of credit recovery opportunities.

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Delivery Methods


Traditional Virtual

Launch’s Traditional Virtual courses are NCAA and MSHSAA approved and start and stop with our traditional calendar. Final exams are proctored online, and course progress is monitored using Dropout Detective. All teachers are all highly qualified in the content area.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery offers students a way to makeup credit with courses that are MSHSAA approved and have flexible start dates. Priority standards are assessed at 80% mastery, and course progress is monitored using Dropout Detective. Students work at their own pace to make up credits.

Credit Acquisition

Designed for students transferring or re-entering during a semester, Credit Acquisition offers a way to gain credit with a pass or fail grade. Students get the full course content with flexible dates and are monitored using Dropout Detective, and teachers are highly qualified in the content area.

AP & Dual Credit

Launch has a wide selection of AP and Dual Credit courses available. (You can see all available options by viewing Launch’s Course Catalog) Students who wish to participate in these courses must be enrolled by their school district’s Launch liaison or building counselor. To learn more, reach out to Kim Spence, Assistant Principal of Virtual Learning, at