High School Course Catalog

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 Full (1.0) Credit Course      Half (0.5) Credit Course

Credit Recovery

Algebra I 
Algebra II 
Digital Communications 
Earth Science 
English I 
English II 
English III 
English IV 
Fine Arts Appreciation I: Music
Foundations of Algebra 
General Biology 
Geometry Concepts 
Introductory Biology 
Intro to Chemistry 
Liberty & Law (Gov.) 
Personal Finance 
Physics First 
Professional Math 
United States History 
World Geography 
World History 

Coming Soon

AP European History (Spring 2020)
AP Computer Science A (Spring 2020)
AP Psychology (Spring 2020)
Chinese I (Spring 2020)
College Algebra (Spring 2020)
Statistics (Spring 2020)
French IV (Spring 2020)

Dual Credit Course Verification
MSU Dual Credit Information
OTC Dual Credit Information
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Launch is approved and is a program offered through Springfield Public Schools. Launch students are attributed to one high school, Central High School (Code: 263300) and credits should be noted as a transfer grade for students seeking NCAA eligibility.

Middle School Course Catalog

English Language Arts


Computer Coding I

Health & Physical Education

Health 6th Grade
Health 7th Grade
Health 8th Grade
Physical Education 6th Grade
Physical Education 7th Grade
Physical Education 8th Grade


Accelerated 7th Grade Math
Algebra I
Mathematics 6th Grade
Mathematics 7th Grade
Mathematics 8th Grade


Social Studies

World Languages

Coming Soon

General Music I (Spring 2020)
Art I (Spring 2020)