High School Course Catalog

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 Full (1.0) Credit Course      Half (0.5) Credit Course

Credit Recovery

Algebra I 
Algebra II 
Digital Communications 
Earth Science 
English I 
English II 
English III 
English IV 
Fine Arts Appreciation I: Music
Foundations of Algebra 
General Biology 
Geometry Concepts 
Introductory Biology 
Intro to Chemistry 
Liberty & Law (Gov.) 
Personal Finance 
Physics First 
Professional Math 
United States History 
World Geography 
World History 

Coming Soon

Physical Science (Fall 2019)
Sociology (Fall 2019)
French III (Fall 2019)
German I (Fall 2019)
German II (Fall 2019)
Spanish III (Fall 2019)
AP European History (Spring 2020)
AP Computer Science A (Spring 2020)
AP Psychology (Spring 2020)
College Algebra (Spring 2020)
Early Childhood II (Spring 2020)
Statistics (Spring 2020)
French IV (Spring 2020)
Spanish IV (Spring 2020)

Middle School Course Catalog

English Language Arts

Health & Physical Education

Health 6th Grade
Health 7th Grade
Health 8th Grade
Physical Education 6th Grade
Physical Education 7th Grade
Physical Education 8th Grade


Coming Soon

Discover Computer Coding (Fall 2019)
Reading Middle School (Fall 2019)
Accelerated 7th Grade Math (Fall 2019)
Mathematics 6th Grade (Fall 2019)
Mathematics 7th Grade (Fall 2019)
Mathematics 8th Grade (Fall 2019)
Music Journeys (Spring 2020)
Visual Arts (Spring 2020)