Foundations of Algebra

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Foundations of Algebra
Foundation of Algebra places a strong emphasis on cultivating a deep comprehension of mathematical concepts, going beyond mere rote memorization of procedures. Students will not only acquire the knowledge of how to apply specific formulas and methods to problem-solving but will also gain a thorough understanding of the underlying principles. Through meaningful real-world applications, Foundations of Algebra fosters the development of critical thinking abilities that will prove invaluable in students’ high school journey.

This course is comprised of eight units: The Number System, Ratio and Proportional Relationships, Probability and One-Variable Statistics, Solving Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Functions and Linear Relationships, Inequalities, Systems of Equations

Southern Regional Board (SREB) High School Math Ready.

Subject: Mathematics
State Number: 115815
Course Credits: Full Credit (1.0) Course
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