Olympic Tour
On your marks, get set, go! It’s off to the races in this month-long course, which invites students in grades 1–5 to explore the contents and construction of the world’s most-popular sporting competition. Students will investigate the intellectual aspects of athleticism as they examine Olympic history, learn about the event’s wide world of cultures and study both individual and team Olympic sports.The course’s entertaining, engaging content is designed to allow students to work their way through targeted, grade-level science, social studies, math and reading instruction as well as fine arts and physical education activities. Want to join in on the competition? Enroll now for a month of touring, exploring and learning from home.

Course Offered: July 2020
Estimated Completion Time:
1 session/4 weeks
Grade Levels:
Junior Trainees (1st Grade)
Trainees (2nd Grade)
Competitors (3rd Grade)
Medalists (4th Grade)
Champions (5th Grade)