Your National Park Adventure
Attention, adventure seekers—this class is for you! This engaging month-long course invites students in grades 1–5 to lace up their (virtual) hiking boots and head out to explore four of America’s most-popular national parks. Visits to Yellowstone, the Everglades, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii Volcanoes are in store, and virtual field trips, engaging readings, hands-on projects and riveting research will ensue. The action-packed content is designed to allow students to work their way through targeted, grade-level science, social studies, math and reading instruction as well as fine arts and physical education activities. Ready to trek your way through the most scenic spots in the country? Enroll now, and get excited for a month of touring, exploring and learning from home.

Course Offered: June 2020
Estimated Completion Time:
1 session/4 weeks
Grade Levels:

Trainees (1st Grade)
Foresters (2nd Grade)
Explorers (3rd Grade)
Junior Rangers (4th Grade)
Senior Rangers (5th Grade)