COVID-19 Response

with virtual courses

As our state and our nation work together to navigate these unprecedented times, Launch remains committed to providing virtual course access to Missouri students. In addition to continuing to serve all Launch students regardless of school closures, we will also act as a content provider for Launch partner districts upon request.

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Launch Letter (March 18, 2020)


As promised, Launch is now ready and able to support your district with virtual instruction options. We understand that needs may arise as we continue to navigate the situation. Many of you have expressed holding off now, but perhaps needing options if closures extend beyond April 3. Please know our services will remain regardless of timeline of need. We’ve put together this FAQ to serve as a point of reference. I will continue to update the FAQ with information as it becomes available and questions continue to be asked. Below outlines two scenarios available to your district:

Option 1:

Launch provides the teacher of record for full-time virtual enrollments grades 6-12. You would enroll the students through the Launchpad per our usual process with transfer grades and we will take it from there.

Option 2:

Launch is willing to provide, at no cost to our partners, access to our content in 69 core content areas, grades 6-12. Please see the attached list of available courses. All content will be hosted by Launch and there is no technical set-up required by the district. You would provide the teacher of record. Teachers and students would still need to be enrolled in our system to gain access to content. Virtual teacher training modules would be provided as part of this option. Devices and Internet access will not be provided by Launch. You may now request courses that you would like to use as content for your teachers using this form.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. We can schedule a call, set up a webinar with your team, or answer questions via email.

Thank you for your partnership,

Dr. Nichole Lemmon
Director, Digital Learning