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Launch works with school districts statewide to ensure they are able to properly support online students, and families work with local school districts for enrollment. Get a glimpse of all that Launch offers for online learners below. Download our K-12 Course Catalog to view our complete offerings.

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Getting Started FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my online class?

First, check your email—all student login information (including usernames and passwords) was included in an enrollment report that was emailed to all students and guardians.
If you cannot find the report but know your student ID number, visit or, and log in using your student ID number and the default password explained below.

Students 3rd grade and younger: Lowercase first name initial, lowercase last name initial, student ID number

Example: Jane Smith’s password may be “js123456”

Students 4th grade and higher: Lowercase first name initial, lowercase last name initial, 2 digit birth month, 2 digit birthday, 4 digit birth year, exclamation point

Example: If Jane Smith were born on February 25, 2010, her password may be “js02252010!”

If I’m an elementary student and I have not received my student workbook, what do I do?

First, relax! If you’re a Launch partner district student, your workbook has been mailed to your home and should arrive soon if it hasn’t already. (In fact, it may be in your mailbox right now!)  If you are a Springfield Public Schools student and you haven’t received your workbook, contact your online teacher or cohort principals for support.

If I’m enrolled in PE or Physical Fitness and haven’t received my Garmin heartrate monitor yet, what do I do?

Stay calm—your teacher will be understanding if you have not yet received your heartrate monitor, and we will do our best to get it to you ASAP! If you’re a Launch partner district student, you should contact your school counselor or Launch liaison and ask if your heartrate monitor is waiting at the school for pick up. If you are an SPS student, contact your teacher.

How do I change the classes I’m registered for?

Course change request? No problem! You may add classes, withdrawal from classes and more with a bit of assistance. If you are a Launch partner district student and you would like to add or drop a course, contact your school district counselor or Launch liaison.

If I’m a teacher and I’m having issues loading my class rosters, I cannot find my course and I cannot find any of my student demographics, what do I do?

Teachers who are having concerns or problems with anything involving the Teacher Access Center will need to contact the E-School Support Line at 417-523-4747.

Why can’t I access everything in my class? I’m logged in!

You may not be logged in to your Springfield Public Schools Google account. To be able to access everything in your online class, you need to log in to both your online course and your Google Drive account. To log in to Google Drive, you will use your name as your username; your password will be the same default password that you use to log in to your online course.