Launch Elementary 2.0

A few changes are coming with Launch’s full-time elementary (K-5) programming in Fall 2021: learn about them here!
By Savannah Waszczuk

Last fall, Launch offered K-5 programming to more than 8,000 students across the state—all for the first time ever. As we continue to collect feedback from students, parents and partners, our Elementary leadership
team is continually working in collaboration with Launch's digital developers to ensure the elementary experience continues to improve. 

The Power to Move

The Launch team learned a few things during our first year of elementary programming, one being that teachers need flexibility to move coursework around. “This year, teachers will have the ability to move assignments from module to module,” says Launch Assistant Principal Helen Williams. “This allows our teachers to adapt their courses based on student needs, and it allows them to personalize their students’ learning a bit more.” 

Grade Upgrade

“We needed to find a way to better personalize the learning that was happening with our elementary students,” Williams says. Like last year, Launch awards grades in Proficiency and Completion, however, this year students earn a mastery level of 1 to 5 to determine proficiency. Completion grades are now determined based on communication, submissions and miscellaneous scores. “This year, attending live lessons will contribute to the student’s communication requirements,” Williams says. “But so will individual Zoom lessons, recorded lessons and even emails and phone calls. These changes all allow us to be able to provide more flexibility to all types of learners—some who may not be on a traditional schedule.” 

Streamlined Content

When looking at a Launch course, returning students will notice a lot fewer buttons. “The overall goal was making the courses easier to navigate,” says Launch Coordinator of Course Development Dr. Meghan Roe. “It’s a lot more user-friendly, and there are a lot fewer clicks for kids. We also streamlined the way that students hand in assignments, which helps simplify things on their end.”  

Launch Library

Our Launch students may not attend seated classes or visit the school library, but they can still check out books! With this new online library, learners have access to dozens of books and video books for their enjoyment.