Inside Bain’s Brain

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Gina Bain, a junior at Albany High School, says Launch provides her with course access she otherwise wouldn’t have.
High school juniors often enroll in classes like chemistry and astronomy to fulfill their yearly schedule’s science credit. Gina Bain, a junior at Albany High School, thought bigger. “I want to be a theoretical astrophysicist one day,” says Bain, who has a goal of taking the most challenging courses she can while she’s in high school. “I’m currently taking Launch’s Spanish I and AP Physics courses,” Bain says.

If it weren’t for Launch, Bain wouldn’t have the opportunity to take Spanish or AP Physics. “Albany is really small, and we don’t have as many resources as larger schools often do,” Bain says. “I want to go into this really big, super-competitive and hard career, but it’s hard for a school like Albany to prepare me for this.” That’s why Bain is extremely grateful that Albany is a Launch partner and she has access to Launch’s catalog of courses. “Being able to have access to Launch courses is really a stress reliever,” Bain says.

In order to complete the AP Physics course, Launch shipped Bain an AP Physics kit. The day she got it, she unwrapped the pieces as if she were unwrapping Christmas gifts. “So far, it’s my favorite course that I’ve ever taken,” Bain says. “It’s really, really interesting to me.”