Launch Summer Learning for Grades 1-12

Savannah WaszczukBreaking News

With certified teachers and adaptive software, Launch’s summer academies engage students grades 1-12.

Code Academy; Computer Coding
Grades: 3-8
This academy was created for all computer-loving kiddos. Students learn how apps and games are created, and they even make a video game!

Lexia Academy; Reading
Grades: 1-5
Lexia Academy learners use adaptive software that meets them at their current reading level. Students complete the course with enhanced skills and confidence.

Dreambox Academy; Math
Grades: 1-5
Students are assessed on their current math skills and met at their learning level. They enhance their math skills through a variety of interactive curriculum.

Reading Plus Academy; Reading
Grades: 3-12
Students roll their reading skills into this academy for increased reading independence, interest and knowledge enhancement.

ALEKS Academy; Math
Grades: 6-12
Students enhance their math skills through this interactive math instruction. Learners are able to select from 6th grade math through trigonometry support.