Launch Teacher Q&A: Paige Duda

Savannah WaszczukGeneral

Meet Paige Duda, Launch’s Earth Science teacher who also teaches full-time at Springfield Catholic High School. 

Launch: Where do you teach full time?
Springfield Catholic High School

Launch: What do you teach full time?
AP Biology, and I’m also an Academic Counselor

Launch: How many years have you been a teacher?

Launch: What’s your favorite thing about teaching for Launch?
I love the variety of students. In no other setting would I be able to interact with students from all over the state, in different grade levels and with different backgrounds!

Launch: What do you think differentiates Launch from any other online course provider?
The faculty and staff. Their fuel is a genuine passion for helping students. Launch’s underlying philosophy of saying YES to students is infused throughout all aspects of the program.

Launch: What is your favorite Launch student memory?
Any opportunity in which I have been able to help serve a student that otherwise would not be able to finish high school! I feel extremely privileged to have that kind of impact on their future.