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Jeremy Faust, a Launch music instructor and Band Director in North Kansas City Schools, discusses his passion for teaching online.

When I was in 7th grade, our school counselors had everyone take a future career survey. Mine came back with the result ‘Music Teacher.’ Since then, I have not only loved learning to play a lot of different instruments, but I have also enjoyed teaching those instruments to my students.

By 2008, I earned a Master’s degree in Education Technology and a Specialist’s degree in Secondary Administration. It was then that I learned about online learning and the teaching opportunities provided within the North Kansas City School District’s
eCampus program. I started teaching Music Appreciation online for eCampus in addition to teaching band at North Kansas City High School and Northgate Middle School.

In Fall 2019 I started teaching online for Launch. I teach Fine Arts Appreciation: Music and Music Theory. I really enjoy it. I hope students complete my classes with a new-found appreciation of music. I want them to develop a love of live music concerts, have an interest in the history behind the composer—I want them to know what makes harmonies so special.  These online classes are the perfect outlet for students who are wanting to learn about music in those ways.

Throughout the semester I try to create fun announcement videos for my Launch students. One thing I like to do is read my class announcements in front of a green screen, then take current events or other trending videos and show those in the background. After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, I put up Patrick Mahomes’ top 10 touchdowns of the season.

In my experience, Launch has been a great way for students to open up their schedules. It provides them flexibility for what they want to take and when they want to “attend class.” Students who have experienced online learning also are better prepared for future learning in a virtual setting as they prepare for their careers or post-secondary education.

Jeremy Faust

Launch Fine Arts Appreciation: Music and Music Theory Teacher

Home District: North Kansas City Schools
Years in Education: 21
Degree: Masters of Education Technology; Specialist in Secondary Administration
Fun Fact: Jeremy enjoys coaching high school soccer and cheering for Sporting KC.