Recovery Refresh

Learn the multiple ways Launch credit recovery teachers are providing enhanced student support.
By Savannah Waszczuk

At Launch, we believe in a culture of continuous improvement. We’re proud of our high-quality courses, but we still look for ways they can be even better. We serve thousands of learners, but we continually add services to educate a broader population. And while we already offer a full catalog of credit recovery courses (CRC), we made it our mission to enhance the credit recovery student experience.

“We wanted to be able to provide as much support as possible to our most at-risk students,” says Launch Assistant Principal Nicole Welch. “The pandemic put extra stress on a lot of students, and we wanted to find additional ways to help.” 

Nicole joined a team of fellow Launch assistant principals to revamp Launch’s CRC delivery model in spring 2021. Launch credit recovery teachers began providing additional services with the summer 2021 semester. Moving forward, these expanded credit recovery services will continue to be provided to Launch students.

Expanded Teacher Support

Launch credit recovery students are supported by teachers certified in the course(s) content area, and since the start of the summer 2021 semester, there are a lot more of these teachers on staff. “A lot of times, parents and students will call and text me on my Google Voice number,” says Launch Credit Recovery teacher Chris Davis. Chris began supporting students enrolled in Launch’s history credit recovery courses in summer 2021. “By making it easier for kids and parents to connect, we’re increasing the chance of student success,” Chris says. Teachers also regularly call home when students are not participating.

Instructional Support

Launch credit recovery teachers host open student hours every week. “Students are invited to come to these sessions to ask questions or to ask for help on particular topics they may be struggling with,” Nicole says. Teachers also host regular instructional support sessions in which they provide deeper instruction on topics that multiple students may find challenging.

Enhanced Instructional Announcements

Launch credit recovery teachers now include instructional support within their teacher announcements. “Just like the instructional support sessions, these announcements will often relate to topics that multiple students find challenging,” Nicole says.