Launch Returns

Need to return technology to Launch? 

  1. Locate any technology items that need to be returned to Launch.
  2. Find your student's 6-digit Launch ID (which is located on your student's Launch enrollment report). This can also be found by logging into Parent Portal.
  3. Click the “Start Here Fedex Returns” button below, and enter the requested information.
  4. Allow up to 48 hours to receive an email containing your shipping QR code.
  5. Once you receive your shipping QR code email from Fedex, take your Launch-provided technology item(s) to a Fedex location.  Fedex will provide you with shipping materials and a label so you can return the technology  to Launch.
Start Here FedEx Returns

If you need any additional assistance or are a Launch partner needing to return multiple devices, please email [email protected]