Staff Poll: What’s your favorite sports team?

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Staff Poll: What’s your favorite sports team?

Dr. Ben Hackenwerth, Executive Director
The St. Louis Cardinals. Especially in October!

Dr. Nichole Lemmon Director, Digital Learning
Do the Real Housewives count as a sports team?

Janna Elfrink Coordinator, Digital Learning
Kansas Jayhawks, because I’m a loyal Kansan!

Editor’s note: Janna, we’re sorry!—love, your Missouri-based Launch team

Christopher Kensinger Specialist of Student Services
THE Ohio State University. GO BUCKS!

Dave Schuman Launch Counselor
The St. Louis Cardinals—I used to go to Cardinals games with my dad when I was a kid.

Amanda Moskalew Administrative Assistant, Springfield
The Kansas City Chiefs! #SUPERBOWL2020

Shelby Blankenship Launch Registrar
The Kansas City Chiefs. “TOUCHDOWN KAN-SAS CITY!”

Jessica Johnson Launch Attendance Secretary
St. Louis Cardinals. I danced at a Cardinals game when I was a kid!

Shannon Gilliland Launch Support Specialist, Kansas City
M-I-Z! You know heartache if you’re a Tigers fan—fifth down and Tyus Edney with 4.8 seconds! #BleedBlackandGold

Missy Sandbothe Launch Support Specialist, St. Louis
Z-O-U! Never forget the “fifth down!”

Stacey Walker Administrative Assistant, Kansas City
The Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes II and I share the same hometown!

Caitlin Seiler Administrative Assistant, St. Louis
I’m a St. Louis girl… St. Louis Cardinals!


Dr. Meghan Roe Coordinator, Course Development
I’m a graduate of Missouri State (undergrad) and TCU (grad school), so those are my teams. Go Bears and Horned Frogs!

Linda Ayres Quality Assurance Specialist
My favorite sports team is any team my kids are on.

Nicki Dickson Digital Developer
Houston Rockets… Westbrook and Hardin duo.

Justin Thomas Digital Developer
The St. Louis Cardinals.

Brad Maples Digital Developer
The Oklahoma Sooners. I’m from originally from Oklahoma where football can be considered a religion. Boomer Sooner!

Amy Jackson Digital Developer
The St. Louis Cardinals. I was born in STL and raised on Cardinals baseball.

Melissa James Digital Developer
L-G-B! Let’s Go Blues!

Darren Rush Launch Software Developer
The St. Louis Cardinals. Go Cards!

Adam Shawley Launch Help Desk
The South Bend Blue Sox. (I don’t watch sports.)

Tyler Gray Launch Help Desk
The Kansas City Chiefs. I was born and raised in Kansas City.

Creative Services

Savannah Waszczuk Manager, Marketing and Engagement
M-I-Z forever. J-School, class of 2007!

Jared Chester Graphic Designer
Slytherin from Hogwarts. Go Sssssnakes!

Daniel McDonald Video Producer
Manchester City!

Sean Wright Video Producer
Hearts, Hearts, glorious Hearts… Hearts FC!

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