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Learn more about learning online with Launch.
Launch works with school districts statewide to ensure they are able to properly support online students, and families work with local school districts for enrollment. Get a glimpse of all that Launch offers for online learners below. Download our K-12 Course Catalog to view our complete offerings.

Start-up Kit 2020–2021

Middle/High SchoolTips for Parents & Students
Start Up Kit 2020/2021Guides, Tutorials, & Videos
Elementary GuideGetting Started for K-5
New to Launch? Use the tools in this Start-up Kit to review presentations, guides and other resources that will help your students be successful in their online courses.

Launch Virtual Programming

Launch’s member districts benefit from their Launch partnership in a multitude of ways. By working as cooperating school districts with Springfield Public Schools, districts receive access to high-quality curriculum and an expanded traditional virtual course catalog. Partners also receive access to a full suite of Credit Recovery courses and Credit Acquisition courses (which afford flexibility and opportunities for at-risk students).

Elementary School

Launch’s full-time virtual K-5 offerings include:

6 hours of daily teacher-supported virtual programming

Live, synchronous daily lessons with teachers

25:1 student-teacher ratio

Full-time teacher support

Daily workbook activities

Launch provides accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies instruction

5 Related Arts courses (1 hour of each per week): Physical Education, Music, Art, Coding, & Information Literacy

Middle School

Courses in all core content areas

Multiple world language offerings

Engaging exploratories

Live teacher tutoring availible

Launch provides accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

High School

Complete, Comprehensive Core Content Offerings

AP, Honors and dual credit opportunities

Expansive credit recovery opportunites

Live teacher tutoring available

Launch provides accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

Course CatalogCourse Lists & Resources

How to Enroll

Parents & Students
All Launch enrollments must come through Launch liaisons at Launch partner district schools. Parents are not able to enroll students directly. Check out the Launch Member Directory to learn if your student’s current school district/the school district you live in currently works with Launch.

If your student currently attends or lives in a Launch partner district, call your school and talk to the building’s counselor or Launch liaison about Launch enrollment opportunities.

Member Directory

If your student does not currently attend or live in a Launch partner district, contact marketing & engagement manager Savannah Waszczuk at 417-523-0417 or to discuss possibilities.

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