Summer Learning for Every Student: Jackson

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Jackson High School student Charles Collins attended Boys State—and four other leadership academies—last summer, all while taking Launch’s government course online.

It would be hard to find a student more motivated than Jackson High School’s Charles Collins. “I always joke that I’m going to be working for him one day,” says Dr. Matt Lacy, the associate superintendent of Jackson R2 School District. “He is a really great kid, all around.”
     Charles is the student who capitalizes on all opportunities that come his way—he started earning high school credit in 8th grade, and he began taking AP classes his sophomore year. “This year I’m in three AP classes,” he says. This determination has always been there—in fact, he engaged in five leadership academies, including Missouri Boys State, last summer, and he managed to juggle a job and earn his government credit at the same time.
     So, how did he do it all? With a little help from Launch. Charles arranged his schedule to build study time in with all of his other summer activities. “It took some planning and setting time aside during the day,” Charles says. “It’s very flexible, so you’re able to make it work.” In addition to Launch’s flexibility, Charles also enjoyed interacting with his teacher. “In the online courses I’ve taken before Launch, I never really knew my teachers,” Charles says. “My Launch teacher Mr. England made video announcements every day, and he was always really quick to help.” All in all, Charles was very happy with his summer Launch experience, and he would recommend it to other students. “If you’re nervous about fitting something into your schedule, Launch is great,” Charles says. “It’s a spectacular tool that is so necessary for a high-achieving student.”