Teacher Q&A: William Thomas

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Launch’s Astronomy teacher William Thomas shares his passion for teaching Missouri students online. 
What have you taught/what are you currently teaching for Launch?
What do you teach seated, and where do you teach?
Biology (regular and honors), Physics First (regular and honors), and Cabinet leadership at Glendale High School in Springfield, Missouri.
Why did you decide to teach for Launch?
I have been involved in Launch from the beginning, designing and revising the Astronomy curriculum to meet the needs of students and focusing on how to provide better online learning alongside the technology challenges and changes. I love getting the chance to create and share coursework in new and exciting ways for students to learn.
What do you like the most about teaching for Launch?
Being able to provide the specific Astronomy course work to students that don’t have access to certain classes in their school districts. It gives me a chance to support students by providing an education to the non traditional student.
Please share an example of a life you know you changed in your Launch teaching career.
A student who was competing in the Science Olympiad tournament took 2nd in the Astronomy portion. They were one of four in the region to even qualify for the state competition. It was humbling as a teacher to be able to provide as much content to a student who didn’t have access to an astronomy course in their school district.
What is it like being able to teach students statewide?
Impactful, being able to provide meaningful and timely feedback to coursework that involves so many different technology tools is a rewarding experience as a teacher. Launch teachers are not just focusing on their content but incorporating digital tools and proper communication skills that young adults will be able to use in their future endeavors.
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Launch is one more way for passionate teachers to enjoy their job. My job is purposeful and meaningful with every student, every day.