The Growing World of Launch Missouri’s Workforce

Learn the multiple ways Launch credit recovery teachers are providing enhanced student support.
By Savannah Waszczuk

Pathway: Hospitality & Food Service

Our newest pathway for the Spring 2023 semester, Hospitality & Food Service introduces students to an industry that encompasses lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusements, attractions, and food/beverage operations. Students in this course learn how to use knowledge and skills that meet industry standards to function effectively in various positions. In addition to exploring the history of the hospitality and tourism industry, they’ll also examine characteristics needed for success in the field—one that is ever-changing and has loads of growth potential!

Teaching as a Profession I

Calling all future teachers! Launch’s Teaching as a Profession I course allows students to explore the roles of a teacher, learn the qualities of an effective teacher and learn about the teaching profession as a whole. Students in this course will also learn how to prepare engaging lesson plans and learn various teaching strategies, all while studying education-related theories tied to learning and development. In semester 2, students further advance their knowledge of the teaching profession by exploring trends and patterns in education as well as learn about classroom management.

AP Computer Science Principles

Students enrolled in this fast-paced course will learn about the exciting kinds of problems tackled by computer science, all while exploring the field’s most important tool—programming. The course explores systematic problem-solving strategies that can be applied to real-world problems and focuses on both writing full classes and the logic and structures around building them. Throughout the course, students study common, reusable algorithms and learn to analyze them for accuracy and speed.

AP Computer Science A

Have tech-loving students in your district? They’ll love Launch’s AP Computer Science A course! After being introduced to the Java programming language, students in this Computer Science A course learn how to compare bit representations of data types and create programming solutions by reusing existing code. They also learn about string and one-dimensional arrays, methods, user-defined classes, advanced classes and algorithms. It’s perfect course for all of those students who have a science brain and love of computers!

Marketing I

Students in Launch’s Marketing I course are introduced to the field of marketing by learning basic marketing principles and exploring marketing careers. In addition to studying a range of topics regarding product development, pricing strategies, promotional systems and distribution, students also have the opportunity to study advertising layouts and campaigns, leadership training and more. Students will also hear from a variety of professionals who work in a range of marketing careers.

Intro to Business

For all the kids who dream of owning their own company one day—enroll here! This entry-level course exposes students to entrepreneurship and shares basic information on how to start and run a business. Students will be introduced to critical business management concepts and principles, and they’ll also approach business operations from an entrepreneurial and management perspective. Highlight: One of the course’s culminating projects includes writing a business plan for a food truck!

There’s a Club for That!

Multiple Launch Missouri’s Workforce pathways allow students to participate in virtual student
organizations, including the following:

  • Education: Educators Rising
  • Financial & Professional Services:     Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Information Technology: Technology Student Association

Interested in learning more about Launch’s virtual student organizations? Email Assistant Principal Mary Edgerton at [email protected].