What’s New: Expanded Summer 2019 Course Offerings

Savannah WaszczukBreaking News

Launch’s team of curriculum coordinators and digital developers is constantly working to expand our course catalog. Read about the newest offerings that will be available to students statewide starting this summer.

American Baseball History
Baseball fans—this class is for you! Launch’s American Baseball History course surveys and interprets the history of baseball in the United States. Students study both the role and significance of baseball in American society over the past 150 years and the history of the game itself.

Launch’s Economics course engages students by presenting the philosophy and principles of economic concepts. Students complete projects that include the elements of research, exploration and evaluation, and they read extensively, think critically and write lucidly. The course has a rigorous curriculum which allows districts to weight the course, if desired.

Grammar & Comp I
Launch’s Grammar & Comp I course offers an introduction to college-level writing. The course provides additional training in writing and a thorough review of grammar and usage and encourages students to practice logical thinking and various modes of composition.

Grammar & Comp II
This course is designed for students who desire intensive training in writing, whether for college or advanced technical purposes. Students taking this course must have a firm grasp of grammar, usage and punctuation. Both personal writing and expository papers are required.

Early Childhood
Students in Launch’s Early Childhood course study concepts related to the areas and stages of child growth and development. The course also explores careers in child development, which is great for students who are interested in pursuing the field as a career option in the future.