Why We Launch: Ava

Savannah WaszczukGeneral

Dr. Teresa Nash, Ava High School Principal, discusses how Launch provides a great opportunity for first-time virtual learners.

Today’s learners are basically guaranteed to take online courses when they reach college—Dr. Teresa Nash, Principal at Ava High School, says she likes that her students are experiencing virtual learning before they exit the doors of her building. “Our students are learning to take courses online, but they still have the convenience of having a teacher that they can email and correspond with,” Dr. Nash says. She feels this is a great way to prepare AHS students for post-secondary learning. Dr. Nash also likes the Launch curriculum. “The students say the courses are very rigorous,” Dr. Nash says. “That’s something, as a principal, that I like to hear. It’s not just a computer-based program—it’s instruction at a higher level.” Ava also used Launch to provide students Driver Education and a few other courses over the summer. “It increased our enrollment for summer school,” Nash says.