Why We Launch: Brentwood

Savannah WaszczukGeneral

While many of the public and private schools in St. Louis are among the largest in the state, Brentwood is small but mighty—it has less than 1,000 students K-12. How does it compete? “We hoped the addition of Launch would give us just what we were looking for—an expanded course catalog and increased elective offerings,” says Dr. Ed Johnson, Brentwood High School principal. Dr. Melody O’Brien, Brentwood High School Counselor, agrees. “We only had one AP offering before,” Dr. O’Brien says. After piloting Launch in summer  2017, the district is confidently using Launch to enrich its offerings. “We know that the education with Launch is comparable,” Dr. O’Brien says. The district also plans to offer Launch again next summer. “It’s a really nice way to educate students who are looking for enrichment opportunities over the summer,” Dr. Johnson says.