Yes, Quality Matters

Savannah WaszczukBreaking News

How do we ensure we’re delivering the best online courses possible? By starting with a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. As Dr. Meghan Roe heads into the Launch offices every morning, this is the philosophy she brings along with her. Her job isn’t to make sure our Launch courses are okay. It’s not to see if they’ll pass. Instead, it’s to make sure that our Launch courses are the absolute best they can be. Dr. Roe’s job is to ensure all of Missouri’s Launch students are provided with the best online curriculum possible. In order to help her with this lofty task, Dr. Roe recently completed a Quality Matters online workshop with fellow team member, Senior Digital Developer Linda Ayres, and the two fulfilled the qualifications to become official K-12 reviewers.

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