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Fort Zumwalt Schools is partnering with Launch Virtual Learning to offer our K-12 students an array of high-quality virtual learning opportunities for the 2021-2022 school year. An overview of Launch’s learning opportunities are outlined below. You may review the full Launch Course Catalog and find more Launch-related information at fueledbylaunch.com.

Start-up Kit 2021–2022

Middle/High SchoolTips for Parents & Students
Start Up Kit 2020/2021Guides, Tutorials, & Videos
Elementary GuideGetting Started for K-5
New to Launch? Use the tools in this Start-up Kit to review presentations, guides and other resources that will help your students be successful in their online courses.

Launch Virtual Programming

Launch’s member districts benefit from their Launch partnership in a multitude of ways. By working as cooperating school districts with Springfield Public Schools, districts receive access to high-quality curriculum and an expanded traditional virtual course catalog. Partners also receive access to a full suite of Credit Recovery courses and Credit Acquisition courses (which afford flexibility and opportunities for at-risk students).

Elementary School

Launch’s full-time virtual K-5 offerings include:

6 hours of daily teacher-supported virtual programming

Live, synchronous daily lessons with teachers

25:1 student-teacher ratio

Full-time teacher support

Daily workbook activities

Accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies instruction

3 Related Arts courses (1 hour of each per week): Physical Education, Music, and Art

Middle School

Courses in all core content areas

Engaging exploratories

Live teacher tutoring available

Accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

High School

Complete, comprehensive core content offerings

AP, Honors and dual credit opportunities

Expansive credit recovery opportunites

Live teacher tutoring available

Accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s

Course CatalogCourse Lists & Resources

Enrollment Information

Interested? Great! In order to enroll, families need to contact their school counselor by Friday, May 28, 2021.

Additional Services

Offered for Students & Families

Fort Zumwalt students and families that participate in Launch virtual courses are offered a variety of services that go far above and beyond the traditional online classroom. Review the information below to learn about opportunities available, and reach out to your school counselor to discuss what exceptional learner services may be available to your child.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

Launch’s complete comprehensive counseling model includes:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous lessons for social-emotional learning, career and positive mental health development
  • Online live school counseling services for individual and small-group supports
  • Family support, including a monthly parent education series, for families with full-time virtual students

Live Course Opportunities

Launch Live offers students live, synchronous lessons available in core content courses for grades 6-12.

  • Set live lesson times 3 hours per week. Class time is determined by subject and listed in Launchpad upon enrollment.
  • Due to limited capacity, students must attend live lessons a minimum of two times per week, or will be transferred to asynchronous version.

Exceptional Learner Services

Launch offers a selection of Exceptional Learner Services, including:

Special Education Services (available for high school students)
Launch offers special education services to both full-time virtual or per-course students with mild/moderate disabilities that require accommodations, modifications and specially designed instruction in ELA and/or Math. Services are available in courses required for graduation. Applicable students have Individual Education Plans that require the above-mentioned services. All services include specially-designed instruction, data collection, progress monitoring and regular communication between Launch and the Fort Zumwalt School District. Both Direct Service and Co-Taught

Courses are available, providing special education services for the following listed courses.

Direct Service Courses:

  • English I Strategies
  • English II Strategies
  • English III Strategies
  • English IV Strategies
  • Foundations of Algebra Strategies
  • Algebra IA Strategies
  • Algebra IB Strategies

Co-Taught Courses:

  • English I, II, III, IV
  • Foundations of Algebra
  • Algebra IA
  • Algebra IB
  • US History
  • World History
  • Government
  • Intro to Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science

Gifted Education Services (available for grades 1-2; 3-5 & 6-8)
Launch offers gifted education services to full-time virtual students who qualify for gifted programming. Students must have the state-recommended IQ score of 125. All courses are taught by gifted, certified educators and include both synchronous and asynchronous interactions. Courses include 160 minutes per week of instruction, including affective and thinking skills.

Student Stories

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