Engaging Middle School Learners

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

An eighth grade student at Springfield Public Schools shares what it’s like to learn online while in middle school, and why she’s learning online again this summer.
While many high schools statewide offer students virtual course access, another question is posed: What about access for middle school students? Thanks to Launch, virtual course offerings for this younger demographic are also a reality.
    “I have taken online Health and Physical Education,” says Rahma Abdelhakiem, an eighth grade student at Carver Middle School in Springfield. Rahma enjoyed her experience, especially the flexibility and pacing options. “One of my favorite things about Launch classes is that I can go at my own speed,” Rahma says. This meant she was able to work ahead, or catch up if she ever got behind.
     When it was time to log on and get started, Rahma found the process seamless. “It was very direct and easy to navigate,” Rahma says. “All my assignments were right there, and I loved that.” As Rahma finishes out her time at Carver, she’s already planning her summer engagement—her family has tentative plans to travel to Egypt, and she has plans to take another Launch class. “I think that every student should try taking a Launch class to see how it is,” Rahma says. “You won’t be disappointed.”