What is Launch?

Launch is Missouri’s solution for course access issues for school districts and families in need of flexible and personalized learning options. Launch courses meet both individual student needs and the needs of districts seeking to provide virtual course options for their students.
  • “Online classes free up more time in my schedule for me to do internships or extra curricular activities.”

    -Maggie, Online Learner

  • “Launch gives students new skills and allows them to be flexible to choose when they want to learn.”

    – Scott, Online Instructor


  • “Thanks to Canvas Mastery Paths we are now able to offer students personalized learning that we never before thought possible.”

    – Amanda, Course Writer

  • “You don’t have to sit in an hour long class to learn something you can learn in 10-20 minutes… you still get the work done at your own pace.”

    – Hayden, Online Learner

Why Launch?

Modern learners are digital learners. Whatever path a student chooses following post secondary education, the ability to learn online will be critical to success.

Currently, many Missouri school districts and parents lack access to high-quality, virtual programming developed using Missouri Learning Standards, taught by Missouri educators. School districts and parents also lack access to courses needed by students but are unavailable at the local level. Frequently,  private, for-profit corporations providing virtual courses lack quality support for students and districts and are not designed using Missouri Learning Standards.

Launch can meet specific school challenges and student need, including providing:

  • Alternatives for scheduling conflicts
  • Access to hard to find courses and teachers
  • Electives and accelerated options
  • Flexibility for homebound and at-risk students
  • Credit recovery programs
  • Solutions for over-crowded classes
  • Options for students who are medically fragile

    With a fully comprehensive high school catalog and dozens of electives, AP and credit recovery offerings to choose from, students can find the education perfect for them!

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    Three Delivery Methods

    Traditional Virtual

    Traditional Virtual courses are NCAA and MSHSAA approved and start and stop with traditional calendar. Final exams require a final proctored with online video conferencing, and course progress is monitored using Dropout Detective.

    Credit Recovery

    Credit Recovery offers a way to make-up credit with courses that are MSHSAA approved and have flexible start dates. Priority standards are assessed at 80% mastery and course progress is monitored using Dropout Detective.

    Credit Acquisition

    Designed for students transferring or re-entering during a semester, Credit Aquisition offers a way to gain credit with a pass or fail grade. Students get the full course content with flexible dates and are monitored with Dropout Detective.

    *All Launch courses are taught by Missouri teachers who meet DESE "Highly Qualified" status. Courses follow DESE class size standards of students per instructor.

    Virtual Course Access for Missouri Students, Designed, Developed and Delivered by Missouri Educators

    What You Get with Launch


    With Launch you get courses designed with Missouri Learning Standards, content reviewed annually to ensure updated resources, access to high-quality digital resources embedded in each courses, and personalized courses using Canvas Mastery Paths.

    Personal Support

    Launch courses are taught by Missouri "Highly-Qualified" teachers and student progress is monitored using Dropout Detective. Courses are also hosted by Launch with HELP Desk Support available from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM 7 days a week!


    Once you register with Launch that's it. We host and provide everything you need for online learning. With simple fee structures online learning has never been easier or more accessible!

    All Launch courses are taught by Missouri teachers who meet DESE “Highly Qualified” status. Courses follow DESE class size standards of students per instructor. And with canvas Mastery Paths instruction can be personalized to meet individual student need.

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