Launch operates in conjunction with the Springfield Public Schools calendar. Review these important dates to learn our semester start and end dates, finals dates and more.

Regular Year Traditional Virtual Course Dates:

*Students may enter traditional courses after drop dates, with a transfer grade.
**Course end dates for Quarter 4 and Spring Semester courses could be as early as May 23rd and as late as May 27th, depending on weather-related SPS closures.

Semester (18 weeks)

(ES, MS, HS)

3rd Quarter (9 weeks)


4th Quarter (9 weeks)


Course Starts

January 4th

January 4th

March 21st

Student Drop

February 9th*
(or 20 days after the date of enrollment)

January 26th*
(or 10 days after the date of enrollment)

April 1st*
(or 10 days after the date of enrollment)

Course End

May 25th** 6:00 PM

March 10th

May 25th** 6:00 PM

Grades Due

May 26th at 4:00 PM

March 11th

May 26th at 4:00 PM

Grades will be finalized and available for districts no later than 5 business days after grades are due.

Credit Acquisition Course Dates:
Credit Acquisition can be started at any time during the semester (up to two-weeks prior to the end of the course), and has no proctored final assessment.

Regular Year Credit Recovery Course Dates:
Credit Recovery courses will run from August 23rd to May 27th and students can enroll up to two-weeks prior to the end of the school year. Credit Recovery classes have no proctored final assessment.

Senior End Dates:
Seniors can end courses on their last date of attendance per their home district calendar. Final grades will not be issued by the Launch office until June 2. Partners can use the command center report to ensure graduation requirements are met.

Content courses and Credit Recovery Teacher of Record will close Friday, May 27th.