Middle School Programming

Full-time virtual middle school students in grades 6–8 enroll in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. They are also offered Health, PE, and electives (depending on their home district's requirements). Students can also enroll in Launch middle school courses on a per-course basis.

girl waving to online teacher
Middle school learners choose from dozens of courses.

Launch Middle School Facts

  • Core and exploratories offerings available
  • World language offerings
  • Live and asynchronous course options
  • Accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s
  • Gifted Services available

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Launch’s course and delivery options provide flexibility for all types of learners. We help students develop routines to work best with their individualized needs, and families may work with Launch teachers to make accommodations to schedules as needed.
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Wrangling School & Rodeo

A full-time Launch schedule allows Raymore-Peculiar middle school student Alaina Gatz time to train and participate in rodeos nationwide.
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Opportunities to excel.

Dixon Learns with Launch

After completing advanced math coursework, teachers at Cassville Middle School knew eighth grade student Dixon Reid was fully equipped to soar through geometry. Reid had a bit of a logistics problem, though—the Cassville school district is dispersed among two campuses. Reid was not capable of getting himself to and from the high school to participate in a traditional seated geometry class.

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