High School Programming

Launch offers full-time and per-course high school enrollments to students in grades 9–12. High school students have both core and elective courses available.


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Launch High School Facts

  • Complete, comprehensive core content offerings
  • AP, honors and dual credit opportunities
  • Credit Recovery Courses
  • Live & asynchronous course options
  • Accommodations and modifications for students with IEPs and 504s
  • Special Education Services available

Course Types & Offerings

Launch offers multiple course delivery methods to ensure there’s something that works for every student.

Launch offers all courses that are needed to graduate.

Traditional Virtual

Launch’s Traditional Virtual courses are NCAA and MSHSAA approved and follow the Springfield Public Schools academic calendar. Many courses require a proctored final. Launch courses are taught by highly qualified Missouri educators who are experts in their field.

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Make up credits at your own pace.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery offers students an alternative way to earn high school credit with courses that are MSHSAA approved and have flexible start dates. Priority standards are assessed at 80% mastery and students have access to live instructional sessions hosted by teachers who are certified in their content area. Students work at their own pace to make up credits and progress is monitored using Dropout Detective.
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Earn credits with flexibility.

Credit Acquisition

Designed for students transferring or re-entering during a semester, Credit Acquisition offers a way to gain credit with a pass or fail grade. Students get the full course content with flexible dates and are monitored using Dropout Detective, Launch’s course progress monitoring system. Teachers are DESE certified in the content area of instruction and available for live tutoring should the need arise.

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Opportunities to challenge yourself.

Advanced Placement

Launch has a broad selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses available. For course options, see our course catalog. Students who wish to participate in these courses must be enrolled by their school district’s Launch liaison or building counselor. To learn more, contact [email protected].

Note: Launch does not schedule or administer AP exams. These must be scheduled with a student’s home district.

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Earn college credit while finishing high school.

Dual Credit

Launch partners with multiple universities to offer students the opportunity to earn college credits while also completing high school credits. You can see all available options by viewing Launch’s Course Catalog. Dual Credit courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who meet the expectations set by the Higher Learning Commission and the Missouri Department of Higher Education. Students who wish to participate in these courses must be enrolled by their school district’s Launch liaison or building counselor.

For more information, contact [email protected].

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