Launch's Summer Course Offerings

Launch’s summer offerings include the full high school course catalog (minus AP and dual credit courses; there are no AP courses available in the summer, and the only dual credit courses available are Introductory Speech and Personal Finance.) In addition, students in grades 1-12 have access to Launch Summer Academies in Math, Reading and Computer Coding, and students in grades 6-8 have access to middle school remediation courses in all core subject areas. You can learn more about Launch’s dual credit courses here.


Mark Your Calendar

Session 1: June 3–28
Session 2: July 8–30

Launch engages students in grades 1-12 during both June and July. Launch partner districts may elect to participate in the June session, the July session or both sessions. (Those participating in both sessions need to expand their DESE summer school application.)

Students MUST log in and participate within the two first days of their summer course (June 3 and 4; July 8 and 9). Failure to log in or participate will result in notifications to a parent, guardian and counselor, and the student may be dropped from the course.

Students: How to Get Started

To get started, simply log in to Canvas using your student ID. Not sure what your password is? That’s okay! If you are an elementary student the password formula is first initial + last initial + student ID# (i.e. fl123456). If you are a middle or high school student the password formula is first initial + last initial + full date of birth (MMDDYYYY) + ! (i.e. fl03222005!).

If you did not sign up for an online course you can easily un-enroll by having a parent, guardian or counselor contact our office by the end of the first day of classes. Our office can be reached by phone at (417) 523-0417 or email at

Check out our Student Quickstart guide for more tips on getting started, navigating Canvas, and contact information.
Student Quickstart Guide

Students: Device Access

Don’t have a device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Students enrolled in online courses and academies can check out devices for the summer so they can get their work done.

  • Students from Launch Member Districts can contact their Launch Liaison to find out how to check out a device for summer.
  • Springfield Public Schools students can pick up devices at the Springfield Public Schools General Services Center (1458 E. Chestnut Expy., Springfield, MO, 65802)
    • Students taking a high school seated class may also check out a Chromebook on at Central on the first day of each session.

Taking PE I or Physical Fitness?

Students enrolled in these courses will be required to workout using a Garmin Fitness Tracker. Non-SPS Launch Member District students should contact their counselor or district liaison to receive their device.

SPS students will pick up their Garmin device on the dates listed below. If you are an SPS student and enrolled in Physical Education I or Middle School Physical Education you must attend the mandatory pre/post fitness testing. You will be expected to workout, so please come prepared in workout clothes and tennis shoes. Prepare to spend about one hour at your fitness testing. SPS fitness testing will be at Cherokee Middle School. Physical Fitness students can pick up their devices on the date and times listed below but will not participate in the fitness testing.

June Session

May 31 (pre-test)

8–10 AM & 5–7 PM

June 3 (pre-test)

8–10 AM & 5–7 PM

June 26 (post-test)

8–10 AM & 5–7 PM

June 28 (post-test)

8–10 AM

July Session

July 3 (pre-test)

8–10 AM & 5–7 PM

July 8 (pre-test)

8–10 AM & 4–6 PM

July 29 (post-test)

8–10 AM & 5–7 PM

July 30 (post-test)

8–10 AM


Taking an Academy

What can I expect from my academy? Students enrolled in online academies need to log into their class and adaptive software daily. It is recommended a student spend 2 hours a day working in his or her academy.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teacher through Canvas!


Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about your course or need to find out more information you can contact your teacher from your Canvas Inbox, contact our office at (417) 523-0417 or email us at