Let's Launch Summer Learning Together

Join us for quality course opportunities outside of the classroom.

Welcome to Launch! We’re excited to kick off Summer 2022 together. Use this page as a guide to learn more about Launch’s summer offerings, including our complete high school catalog and our new themed programming opportunities for rising grades 1-5. You can download our summer catalog below, or visit our courses page to see course descriptions.

Have questions about getting started with your courses? Read through our FAQ to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Summer 2022 CatalogCourse Lists & Resources
Important DatesStart, Drop, Finals, Etc.

Launch offers courses for students in grades 1-12


  • Engaging, theme-focused course offerings for grades 1-5
  • Adaptive summer learning academies that develop Reading, Math and Coding skills

Middle School

  • Multiple Summer Enrichment and Course Remediation opportunities
  • Extended Learning Programs for Math/ELA
  • Adaptive summer learning academies that develop Reading, Math and Coding skills

High School

  • Expansive catalog of over 80 Traditional Virtual courses
  • A full suite of Credit Recovery offerings
  • Adaptive summer learning academies that develop Reading, Math and Coding skills

Mark Your Calendar

Launch sessions: 
Session 1: June 6–30
Session 2: July 5–29

All Launch full-credit courses can be taken during one-month only (for example, June only or July only) or over the course of two months (semester 1 in June; semester 2 in July). Half-credit courses must be taken in a one-month session. Districts who choose to allow students to earn credits in both June and July will need to note this in their DESE summer application.

What's New

Expanded Programming for Grades 1-8

Elementary Offerings:

Launch invites students in grades 1-5 to participate in engaging summer programming and theme-focused courses for both June and July! All elementary enrichment and academy offerings provide remediation services and extended support for elementary learners.

June: Meet Me at the Fair
Tickets! Get your tickets here! Come one, come all, and claim your tickets for the adventure of a lifetime in Launch’s Meet Me at the Fair course! Education and amusement go hand in hand as students in grades 1-5 visit the historic World’s Fair events in St. Louis, Chicago and New York and engage in targeted, grade-level science, social studies, math and reading activities. And that’s not it, folks! There are also daily social emotional learning lessons, plus fine arts and physical education assignments that provide off-screen engagement! Intrigued? Then step right up, folks, and try your luck—everyone’s a winner in this summer’s hottest new course! 


July: Olympic Tour
On your marks, get set, go! It’s off to the races in this month-long course, which invites students in grades 1–5 to explore the contents and construction of the world’s most-popular sporting competition. Students will investigate the intellectual aspects of athleticism as they examine Olympic history, learn about the event’s wide world of cultures and study both individual and team Olympic sports.The course’s entertaining, engaging content is designed to allow students to work their way through targeted, grade-level science, social studies, math and reading instruction as well as fine arts and physical education activities. Want to join in on the competition? Enroll now for a month of touring, exploring and learning from home.

Elementary Gifted Summer Themes:

Grades 2-3:
Paleontology/Mysteries (June)
Oceanography/Fairy Tales (July)

Grades 4-5:
Citizen Scientist/Around the World (June)
Microcosmos/Myths and Legends (July)

Middle School Offerings:


Escape: Students in this course are tasked to create the best digital breakout and escape room to be an Escape! champion! Content covers Google suite applications and engages students with word games and various challenges, including the task to design an escape room.

Game On!: Students will learn to write code using several different platforms and languages and design their own video games—no experience necessary!

Operation Innovation: Are you ready to rise up and be the voice of innovation for a cause? Join us as we explore your leadership potential and take action to make a meaningful impact on our world!

Outdoor U: Learn about the many ways you can experience nature and acquire the skills you need to thrive in the great outdoors as you experience archery, fly-fishing, hiking, survival skills and more—all online!


Launch’s Extended Learning Programs (ELPs) are offered for both Reading and Math and are designed for students who need extensive recovery in select content areas.

  • Focused extended learning options in Math and Reading
  • Recommended for students identified as two or more grade levels behind
  • One-on-one and small group support
  • New content for Summer 2022
Launch's Remediation courses are designed to provide additional opportunities for learners who need focused support in grade-level skills.
  • Remediation available in all four core areas (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Content is divided into semesters (Semester 1 = June; Semester 2 = July)

Middle School Gifted Summer Themes:

TedEd Student Talks (June)
Mission to Mars (July)