Enrolling as a Parent

Interested in taking our classes? Parents can enroll with Launch directly! Learn how below.

MOCAP Registration Process

Ready to enroll your child in full-time Launch Virtual Courses? Follow the detailed steps on the document below.
MOCAP Registration Process

Academic & Attendance Policy

Review this policy to understand our attendance guidelines and academic performance expectations for full-time MOCAP students.

SPS Graduation Requirements

All MOCAP students must meet the graduation requirements for the School District of Springfield R-XII. Learn the details below.
SPS Graduation Requirements

Important Information for Parents

Enroll Now! The first day of school for the 2023-2024 school year is August 22, and the deadline to submit an application for the Fall 2023 is October 6.  All registration steps, including documentation (immunizations, school records, etc)  must be submitted by October 13. ( Review other important dates with this MOCAP Important Dates 2023-2024 calendar).

The application for the Spring 2024 term will open on November 15, 2023.  The deadline to submit an application for the Spring 2024 term is February 6, 2024.  All registration steps, including documentation (immunizations, school records, etc)  must be submitted by February 16, 2024. ( Review other important dates with this MOCAP Important Dates 2023-2024 calendar).


Wondering if your child is eligible? Students seeking direct admission into the MOCAP Launch Attendance Center must meet each of the following requirements and submit all enrollment documentation:

  1. Must be a resident of Missouri
  2. Students who are expelled or who are currently on a 10 or more day suspension are not eligible
  3. Must reach age 5 before the first day of August of the school year
  4. Must be enrolled as a full-time student and maintain 6 courses per semester for secondary and 4 courses for elementary
  5. Must meet and maintain the state of Missouri’s immunization requirements
  6. Must have a minimum of 12 credits earned to enroll as a second semester Junior; Seniors must have a minimum of 18 credits earned
  7. Juniors enrolling in the fall must have a minimum of 10 credits and Juniors enrolling in the spring must have a minimum of 13 credits. Seniors enrolling in the fall must have a minimum of 18 credits and Seniors enrolling in the spring must have a minimum of 22 credits.
  8. Must have met the academic and attendance requirements the semester prior if previously enrolled in Launch programming

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the Online Application

  • Go to SPS HomeAccess and select “Register New Account” to create a Parent Login ID
  • Select “MOCAP Full-Time Online Student Enrollment - Parent Virtual Enrollment - 2023-24” in the dropdown, and select “Go”.
  • Complete the Free and Reduced Meal Application form, if desired.

Step 2

Submit required documentation outlined below

    • Proof of birth
    • Immunization records or religious vaccination exemption card
    • Proof of MO Residency (utility bill, lease or similar document within 60 days)
    • SPS Health Inventory
    • School records from most recent district enrollment

Step 3

Support your student in their new online learning.


Next Steps

After you submit your application, the Launch and all supporting documentation. A member of the Launch enrollment team will contact you with next steps.


Looking for more information?

Download our 2023–2024 Virtual Learning Handbook or the MOCAP Registration Process document for this information and to find out more information on Device Requests, Student Schedules, Academic and Attendance Policies, and IEP/504 Plans.


Enrolling Through a School District

Launch liaisons at Launch partner school districts can enroll students through Launchpad, our custom-designed enrollment portal. Liaisons from non-partner school districts can also enroll students through Launchpad (via MOCAP). Please check out the Launch Member Directory to learn if your student’s current school district/the school district you live in currently works with Launch.

Launch Programming

K-5 students engage with teachers everyday.

Elementary Programming (Grades K-5)

Launch’s Elementary (k-5) courses operate on a synchronous model so that teachers may best support students. The following items will be helpful in getting students started with Launch.
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Middle school learners choose from dozens of courses.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Full-time virtual middle school students enroll in four content area courses; Health; PE; plus 1-2 exploratories (based on their home district’s requirements). Students can also enroll in Launch middle school courses on a per-course basis.
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Launch offers all courses that are needed to graduate.

High School (Grades 9-12)

Full-time virtual high school students have both required and elective courses available. Schedules vary by grade level, and graduation requirements slightly differ by school district.

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Graduate high school with a certificate ready to work.

Launch Missouri's Workforce

Launch Missouri’s Workforce is a new initiative designed to offer high school students a career-focused virtual education path in their chosen area of interest. Students who successfully complete the courses in their selected workforce career pathway will graduate high school career ready with both skills and industry-recognized certifications and credentials.
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