Anatomy of a Course: Early Childhood

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch, Course Highlights


Launch’s Early Childhood course helps students develop life skills with engaging and interactive content.

From Preparation to Birth, & Beyond

In semester I, students study topics from the decision to conceive to giving birth. The course’s second semester is built to provide foundational skills for the child’s growth and development during their first three years of life.

Show Your Skills!
Video assignments require students to demonstrate how to make a bottle, install a car seat, swaddle a baby, perform infant CPR (on a teddy bear!) and more.

Now Map it Out
When mom goes into labor, what happens next? One assignment requires students to create a concept map with Google Drawings to path out a mom’s trip to the hospital.

Educating on Abuse
In this course students learn about the various types of abuse (physical, verbal and sexual) as well as the signs and symptoms.

Course Facts:

Course Type: Practical Arts
Credits: Half (0.5) credit course
Estimated Completion Time:
2 Semesters/18-36 weeks

Unit 1: Preparing for Parenting
Unit 2: Baby Under Construction
Unit 3: Nurture vs. Nature
Unit 4: Nature vs. Nurture
Unit 5: Ready or Not, Here I Come!
Unit 6: Now What? Caring for a Newb.

Unit 7: What a Year
Unit 8: Go Baby Go
Unit 9: Careers in Early Childhood
Unit 10: Daycare Dilemmas
Unit 11: 1… 2… 2½…
Unit 12: Infant & Toddler Concerns