Summer Learning for Every Student: Camdenton

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

A summer job and off-season colorguard activities helped Camdenton High School student Carmalita Leuenberger earn her Launch PE credit.

Meet Carmalita Leuenberger. The Camdenton High School sophomore worked and attended an off-season band camp last summer, and she earned her Physical Education credit in the process. “I actually had my first job ever,” says Carmalita, who worked as a lifeguard at Big Surf Waterpark at Lake of the Ozarks. This worked out perfectly for Carmalita, who was required to exercise wearing a heart rate monitor for her Launch PE course. By wearing her monitor to work, she was able to track the exercise required for her lifeguard duties. “Every morning when I came into work, I had to swim laps in the wave pool,” Carmalita says. “Then, we’d always jog from one workstation to the next.”
     Carmalita also participated in off-season color guard activities for the Camdenton High School band last summer. “This also helped me log activity for my workouts,” Carmalita says.  If there ever was a time when she didn’t meet her exercise requirements, she would run to the lake from her house and enjoy the scenery. “I liked how convenient my Launch PE class was,” Carmalita says. “I take honors classes at school, so this helped me make room in my schedule for the school year.”