Summer Learning for Every Student: Excelsior Springs

Savannah WaszczukAccess Launch

Excelsior Springs High School student Kyle Bender enjoyed all of his favorite summer activities, and made up two credits in the process.
For Excelsior Springs High School student Kyle Bender, summer has always meant many things. It’s when he makes extra money harvesting beans and corn. It’s when he heads to the lake for fishing and kayaking. It’s when he sleeps in and hangs out with friends. But last summer, it was also when he needed to recover Algebra and Geometry credits. Thanks to Launch, he was able to do it all.
    “On most days, I’d wake up and go to the lake with my friends for a while,” Kyle says. Next he would head to the fields, where he’d work a few hours. “I’d come home and do my school work in the evenings,” Kyle says. If he knew he was going to be out of town or super busy one day, he’d work ahead the day prior. It all worked out well, as he was able to recover two credits and still enjoy all of his favorite summer activities. “I liked that I didn’t have to spend time sitting in a classroom during the summer,” he says. As a rising junior, Kyle plans to take more Launch classes in the future. “I really liked my experience.”