An Author in the Making

Meet Launch student Brianna Chay (pictured), a bright and bubbly 12 year old who recently wrote and published her own book.
By Savannah Waszczuk

Access Launch: How long have you been learning online? 
Brianna Chay: I’ve been online since the end of fourth grade, so more than two years now! I started online with my old school—sixth grade was my first year with Launch. 

Access: Why did you decide to attend virtual school? 
B.C.: I originally went online at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. My father had cancer, and we needed to make sure to slow the spread of the virus and lower our own risk, because he’s a high-risk person. But I really liked online school, and I love how flexible it is—I am going to go online next year, too! 

Access: That’s great! Where did you attend seated school?
B.C.: I went to Affton schools. I live in St. Louis, Missouri—in the county—and just live life to the fullest! 

Access: What are your hobbies? 
B.C.: I like to spend time with my family. My favorite thing to do is play with my brother! I like to write devotionals—I actually have a website where I write devotionals. I do Bible Bee—it’s almost like a spelling bee, but with Bible verses. I play my piano. I recently started a YouTube channel called Tidbits of Learning—I do biblical reflections there, along with a craft for every story. I love to craft! I like to crochet, I like to knit, I like to cross stitch, I like to sew—I like to sew dresses and things like that! Oh, and I love reading. I’m a bookworm! I like to write, too, and I like baking. I like to make cream puffs and apple pie best! 

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Access: We heard you published a book! Tell us about it. 
B.C.: Yes, “Super Toaster 3,000: The Super Toaster that Saves the Day!” I wrote it when I was 10 in fifth grade. My parents said it was nice and that I should publish it—and a whole bunch of other people who read it said it was great and I should publish it—but I was so busy with school and COVID that I didn’t get around to publishing it until my last winter break.

Access: What is the story about?
B.C.: Here, I’ll just read you the back! ‘Super Toaster 3,000 is just a toaster from a factory who finds a faithful friend in Juicey Juice. After starting a team, they decide on protecting Breakfast City, and making sure to get rid of trouble! But when it comes to the Naughty Bread Bunch, a jamnapped friend, and a retired warplane, they must put everything at risk—including their own lives—to save their beloved city…’

Access: Where did you get the idea for your book?
B.C.: In fifth grade, our teacher told us to write a paper and come up with our own superhero. The problem is that all superheroes that children look up to are usually so violent and bent on revenge—you know—and that kind of superhero isn’t exactly who you want to follow! I wanted to create a hero who was forgiving of his enemies and doing whatever he could to help others.

Access: Can you share more about Super Toaster's character?
B.C.: Sure. Super Toaster is the kind of superhero who wants to create a happy place where everyone can live in peace. Then, when problems arise he has to cope with it. He catches the criminals and explains to them that what they’re doing is completely wrong. He’s a mercy-showing superhero. Most people haven’t heard of that story before!

Access: How long is your book?
B.C.: It’s nine chapters and an epilogue, with illustrations. I drew the illustrations myself, too!

Access: Have you written any other books? 
B.C.: Yes. I have seven other books that I haven’t published yet! There are several books in the Heroes of Breakfast City Series.

Access: What’s your dream job? 
B.C.: Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be a doctor. I want to help people—like, be a brain surgeon. But then for a while I wanted to be an author, and then an astronaut, but I think the best scenario will be a doctor, and then an author in my free time.

Access: What’s your favorite thing about Launch? 
B.C.: I really like how I can work anywhere, and at any time. Let’s say that I need to work in the car, or maybe I have to work somewhere else—well, I can! I was able to work outside in the backyard with my chickens when it was warm. And if we decide to go on vacation, it’ll be fine.

Access: So, you have chickens? 
B.C.: Yes. I have chickens and ducks—they’re really, really cute! We actually just had two ducklings born two days ago—Blackberry and Emerald. There are also some mice that live in the backyard, and we have hermit crabs and Sea-Monkeys—Watermelon and Little Jimmy.

Access: What are you looking forward to for next year?
B.C.: Well, I want to take Creative Writing with Launch. It’s a high school course, but I’m trying to take it now! If they let me take it in the second semester next year, it will obviously be what I’m looking forward to the most! I am also looking forward to web design!

Access: Is there anything else you’d like to share about Launch? 
B.C.: Launch is a really good program. The teachers are really nice, and you’re able to get the appropriate learning for your age and grade. I would definitely recommend it!