Spanish I-III

In Spanish I the student begins to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish. Conversational skills using the present tense and practical vocabulary are emphasized. Students also begin to study the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Spanish II builds on the first-level course. Students increase their vocabulary, continue to use and develop the present tense and infinitive verb constructions, and improve conversational, reading, and writing skills. Students continue to study the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Students in Spanish III continue to develop skills in speaking, listening, and writing Spanish. At this level there is increased emphasis on vocabulary development, oral proficiency, expression in the past tenses and various other tenses. Students continue to expand knowledge of the culture of Spanish-speaking people.

Credits: 1.0 (0.5 per semester)
Estimated Completion Time: 2 semesters/18-36 weeks
State Course Number: 66300
Dual Credit (Spanish III only)
NCAA Approved